About Us

Town Management Services is a property and estate management company dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to homeowners on the island of Palm Beach. We are locally owned and operated with more than 20 years of practical hands on experience on Palm Beach.

Town Management Services offers its expertise and its services so that customers may leave their homes for a day, a week, a month, or even a year in the trusted hands of experts, who will make sure that the home will be in the same condition as it was on the day it was left.

We have developed numerous relationships throughout Palm Beach County to assist in timely services for various types of property needs. We also can oversee sub-contractors and vendors you are currently utilizing. Town Management Services is licensed and insured.

Employee Bios:

Owner: Peter Codispoti
Background: Battalion Chief, trained firefighter/paramedic with 20 years of experience,
property manager with 20+ years of experience

In 1994, I was working as a firefighter for the Town of Palm Beach and in search of a place to live on the island. I placed an ad in the “Shiny Sheet” stating that I was a firefighter/paramedic seeking an estate management position in exchange for residence. Not long after, I received a response to my ad. I met with the owner and as fate would have it, ended up living at his estate on the north end of the island for 5 years. During that time, I met a number of residents and realtors who were in need or knew of someone in need of a handyman/caretaker for their property. Through word of mouth, I was able to begin building my business. Since I worked for the Town of Palm Beach, I decided to name the business Town Management Services. Over the years, we have expanded the handyman/caretaker services we offer to include concierge services.

In 2010, John Mantis joined our team as a general contractor and operations manager, which allowed us to further expand our services. John has since become a partner in Town Management Services. Becoming a fully licensed and insured contractor has been beneficial to us and to our customers. We are able to pull our own permits, which allows us the ability to offer more to our customers without having to outsource all of the work. We have completed numerous projects of various sizes all over the island.

We take pride in our work and we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. At the end of the day, TMS is more than just property management, we become part of the family.